Nichola Pope

Charities and organisations

Nichola supports and is involved with a number of charities and organisations, some of which are listed below.

Nichola is a Fundaising Partner for Nordoff Robbins.

Music encourages and promotes the development of communication, social skills, self-expression, confidence, self-esteem, well-being, and helps pain management whilst assisting with physical rehabilitation.  It helps to meet the social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive needs of vulnerable people of all ages, contributing to their quality of life, and enabling them to achieve their full potential.

By using music as a means of communicating between individuals, it can be very effective in reducing tension, anxiety, and challenging behaviour.  When playing music, we experience an increase in self-awareness, the awareness of others, and the ability to manage feelings in real time.

Attending the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre was a part of Nichola’s music degree.  Nordoff Robbins is the largest music therapy charity in the UK and receives no direct government funding.  They provide one-to-one music therapy, specialised music lessons, shared sessions for groups of different sizes and formats and all of the sessions given are free.

Nichola is a Member of Dalcorze UK

Dalcroze UK is one of the oldest music education charities in the world. It exists to promote and support the teaching methods devised by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, who emphasized training the whole body to participate in musical expression.  Nichola studied Dalcroze and Eurythmics under Jacqueline Vann at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and incorporates this musical approach, of experiencing music through movement where the learning process engages body, mind and emotion, within workshops and community music settings, where music and sound are a therapeutic medium to bring about change.


LGBTQ+ activism is a central part of Nichola’s life. Nichola regularly guests with the ground-breaking London Gay Big Band. Performance highlights have included the EFG London Jazz Festival where the first ever all-female London Gay “Small” Big Band performed in partnership with Women in Jazz Media to celebrate queer women in jazz. 

Nichola was part of a special show, UGotMale at theRoyal Festival Hall, celebrating the London Gay Men’s Chorus Silver Jubilee. This spectacular show featured the LGMC, the Orion Symphony Orchestra and the London Gay Big Band and closed the Southbank Centre’s Being a Man Festival.

Nichola has also performed at BST Hyde Park and many UK and European Gay Prides, including the historical moment of the first Channel Islands Pride.

If you would like Nichola Pope to work with your charity, or be an ambassador or champion then Nichola would love to hear from you!